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Vijay V Harne

I am searching for a software which provides modbus interface through PC RS 232 port. The software should be able to read the data from any device and should have facility to use that data to configure / generate custom made reports as per requirements.The softaware should run on Windows NT or Windows 95.

Any suggestions?



Sasko Karakulev

I'm very interested about. But Modbus or ASCII or fieldbus depends what hardware You are using

A company in Calgary, AB CANADA - Calta Computer Systems have a Modbus specific program that will poll data and allow for DDE into Excel spreadsheets in real-time. The program is very easy to use. Price $200 USD.

They also have abritrators, allowing for one PC to talk to multiple modbus
devices using a single RS232 port.

See "":

Hope this helps.

Todd Prowse
[email protected]
Try either of the following websites:

"": (software is called Mdbus)
"": (software is called ModScan)

Both of these websites offer free trial periods before you buy. The first one has a DDE interface from which you may read data into Excel or other application. The latter can be controlled using OLE automation using Visual
Basic. There are examples included with both at these sites.

Hope this helps.

Ivan Radulovic

Company in Belgrade,Yugoslavia, DECODE ( "": ) produce SCADA software for data acquisition and control.The software can work with multiple pheripherials(we are developing them too) in direct connection or over modem connection(radio or wire modems). In our web site you can download DEMO version of working software for communication with pH meters (Decode product
too), digital instruments for pH value and temperature, with graphs, tables, alarms, etc. We are also developing SCADA systems with Modbus modules (digital and analog I/O) and software for
polling and control.

Anup Gokhale

Dear Vijay,
If you can give me all the details that you want, I can propose a solution. I have worked on many projects involving MODBUS protocol.

Francisco Calleja

Dear Vijay,
Dear Anup,
I'm trying something like that. I want to control some valves, acquiring two or three signals with a TSX MICRO of MOdicon Telemecanique using modbus with RS-232.

If possible I wanna do it with LAbView or Lab Windows CVI or FIX Intellution, ¿Ideas?

Francisco Calleja
[email protected]

Prasanth Gopalakrishnan

We have developed a custom Modbus Master with ODBC interface on the other end for data logging and possible reporting. This is available only for commercial use however.