Modbus interface


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Vijay V Harne

I am searching for a software which provides modbus interface through PC RS 232 port. The software should be able to read the data from any device and should have facility to use that data to configure / generate custom made reports as per requirements.The softaware should run on Windows NT or Windows 95.

Any suggestions?


I would recommend using and OPC server and a package like Microsoft Excel. Schneider Electric has an OPC server for the Modicon PLCs. It's called OFS (Opc Factory Server). It can provide you with a quick and easy method of communicating with the PLC either serially, over Modbus Plus, or over ethernet (if the PLC is so equipped). I've used it several times for customer who
wanted to get data into Windows. OPC (Ole for Process Control) is an extension to Microsoft's OLE (Object Linking and Embedding) which is built into most Windows applications. I think with an OPC compliant server, you'd have no problems at all.