Modbus MARK VI HMI Communication


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Dear all;

Can you provide to me how i configure communication signal from MARK VI to DCS by Modbus.

Where i can find Modbus in MARK VI HMI?

Dear Maatallah_3107,

Have you looked in the GE Control System Solutions Documents folder on the HMI hard drive to find all of the GE GEHs and GEIs and other documentation for the various components and functions of the GE Mark VI turbine control system? Yes, GE make it difficult because they only list the documents by publication number, meaning that you have to open every one until you find what you want. (But, to make it easy for yourself later, you can open a file and write down the name of the document, then close the file, right-click on the file name, and change it to match the contents.)

It's a pretty sure bet you will find at least one GEH/document/publication related to Mark VI MODBUS.

There may be Documents folders for Mark V, and Mark VI. Be sure to be in the proper folder for the version of control system in use at your site.

Actually, depending on the version of TCI and CIMBRIDGE and CIMPLICITY in use on the HMI at your site, MODBUS is best implemented either via TCI or via CIMPLICITY. Sorry; I don't know what that distinction is, but for some reason GE originally used TCI for MODBUS, then started using CIMPLICITY for MODBUS, then went back to using TCI for MODBUS--all during the production period of Mark VI turbine control panels.

You may find instructions for both types of implementations, and hopefully they can help you decide which is best for your mix of TCI, CIMBRIDGE and CIMPLICITY.

But, the best bet would be to use the available GE documentation to put your implementation plan together.

Hope this helps!