ModBus master C++ source code


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I am trying to develop a control system and I need to communicate throw ModBus RTU communication protocol. I dont have any experience in this kind of stuff.

Could you tell me where can I find some FREE source code of ModBus RTU protocol. I'm useing Borland C++ Builder 4 languege.

Thank you for your help.
please download this modbus master program.with this program you can implement your own c++ program. you can read any register and see the sended and received data from port you selected for communication. i have only vbasic program for modbus. i use mscomm component for communication over serial port. i don't know any serial component for c++,but you can find it in internet sites easily. for serial communication you can use windows api too: CreatFile,ReadFile,WriteFile...
Can I get your program for mscomm control. I am tring to use VB6.0 + Rs232/Rs485 convertor on my PC to communicate with a SCADA Master with modbus RTU mode.