modbus master in a terminal port of TSX3722001?


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Recently, I read that the TSX3722 Version 5.0 can use the terminal port like a master modbus station. Is it true? What version of PL7 software do I need? Can I upgrade old tsx37 version 4.0?

Fernando Capelari - Schneider Electric B

You need PL7 version 4.2 at least (the last one is 4.3). It is the first version that brings the TSX37 version 5.0 integrat in his catalog library.

Yes, you can upgrade an old version 4.0 to 5.0. Just download it using the OS Loader utility of PL7. I suggest you to make a contact with the Schneider office next to you and ask for the firmware 5.0 bin file of the 37-22 CPU. If you need, email me at "[email protected]", mailto:[email protected] and I can send you the file.
With the introduction of the 5.0 OS, the 10 , 21, & 22 TSX-37s can behave as a ModBus RS-485 master. Great for simple & low-cost VFD control (Square D's ATV28 & 58 come with built-in ModBus RS-485 ports). It cannot combine simultaneous master/slave connectivity (through one port) as the other Modicon PLCs (Momentum, Compact, & Quantum). Nonetheless, if you use the appropriate multi-protocol PCMCIA card you can reach a compromise. I have done this with the 4.2 version of PL7, & yes you can progressively re-flash older TSX-37s from version 3.0 to the new 5.0 OS ("bin" files available at "": ). While upgrading, do not forget to "recompile" your older PL7 projects by just saving them within you new copy of PL7. Hope this helps.