Modbus master slave problem with Allen Bradley (Prosoft) SLC 5/03 and Honeywell chart recorder


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Adam Christie

I have an Allen Bradley SLC 5/03 processor with a modbus slave port trying to communicate with a Honeywell trendview chart recorder. I have been advised that i cannot make the recorder a master and need to install an extra device to control the data between the 2. Can anybody recommend a cheap easy solution?

Daniel Chartier


What model of Prosoft Modbus card are you using? I know the MVI46 models can be set up as master or slave (each port is independantly setup) which would resolve your problem. Have a look at the website, and look at the support/training pagethey have a document available for the MVI46.

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Daniel Chartier
Solution is not cheap (industrial networking never is), and only as easy as your Modbus programming experience.

The Honeywell TrendView V5 recorders are modbus slaves only. The older V4 recorders were slaves only, too.

So the SLC will have to be the Modbus master. Prosoft is a Rockwell "partner" and offers Modbus modules that run as a Modbus master.

You have to match the communications hardware on each device. Both the Prosoft master and the TrendView V5 slave have to talk on the same link, either RS-485 or ethernet. The older V4s are RS485 only, no ethernet.

Your Trendview V5 recorder has either a Modbus TCP (ethernet) connection if it has Exx (or Axx) in the 4th field of the model number, or Modbus RS-485 if it has Mxx in the model number. I don't have info on the V4 part numbers.

The Prosoft card has the option of being set as a master. That will be a lot easier than adding another object in between.
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As everybody suggested , Prosoft would serve the

Just need to know , you want to connect PLC
to Recorder for plotting analogue variables of PLC ? If yes , than check up with Honeywell
recorder , if channels are assignable from outside
source [e.g Prosoft master or others ], please
Check , if yes the exercise would be useful.

Please bear with me I am not familiar with Honeywell recorders at all

Oliver Lorenzo

Have you achieved your goal?
Ì'm trying to get data from a TrendView (Multitrend Plus V5) to a controLogix PLC using Modbus RS485...

How is the TrendView RS485 Modbus Port? 5 pin or 3 pin?

My Multitrend Plus V5 part number is TVMP-E0-80-AS0-M00-F10-0S00BP-00

please help me on this...


Jason Sanders, ProSoft Tech Support Engi


The 3250-L532M 5/03 RTU was intented for Slave-only applications; it was never intended to be a Modbus Master. To get data from it to a chart recorder slave, you will need a device capable of being a Modbus Master, like our inRAx MVI46-MCM module for the SLC chassis or our ProLinx 4102-MCM4-DFCM4 standalone gateway module. Either of these units (the ProLinx being the less expensive option) can generate Modbus commands to read data from the SLC 5/03's Slave port and then write that data to the chart recorder slave. Depending on the amount of data to be moved, there may be other, less expensive devices for doing the same thing.

Jason Sanders
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ProSoft Support

Although we have no specific information on interfacing with the TrandView device, we have setup several modbus 485 networks.

If you have any information on the TrendView, i'm sure we'll be able to get the 2 devices working.
If you are still having issues with this application, please contact us at 661-716-5100.

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