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Please send me Modbus/Modbus Plus Cable Specification/Standard for Wiring with Quantum PLC.


Thanks, Genady

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Why not just purchase the proper cable from a Schneider distributo? Ask yourself, is the money that I can save on an alternative cable worth the pain when it does not work? Just because a cable looks, smells, bends and tastes the same does not make it the correct cable. You are controlling a process with the cable, protect your reputation.

As an example, the Belden MBPlus cable equivalent is NOT compatible with the earliest crimp type Modbus Plus connectors. Electrically it is the same but the cable diameters changed making the "fit" unsecure.
Hi Genady,

Arie Bakaloo and his staff at AFCON Control and Automation, Beer Sheba, will surely help you out.
You need:
Modicon Modbus Plus Network Planning & Installation Guide (890 USE 100 00, Version 4.0) (2.5 MB PDF file)
Modicon Quantum Automation Series Hardware Reference Guide (840 USE 100 00, Version 10.0) (19 MB PDF file)

I can e-mail them to you - but they are too big - so please advise if you want them over e-mail.

The manuals can be downloaded from:

Best Regards,
Meir Saggie
Sometimes for testing, there are needs to construct a cable as such. Brian, your reply was not an answer to a question. If you indeed know the pin-outs, please supply. Buying a connectors/cables from Modicon is a no brainer that will happen at production stage.