Modbus Network Analyzer / Tester ?


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Alex Guzman

Does anybody know about a MODBUS Network testing device. We already have for example a Profibus Network tester from Siemens, which indicates reverse polarity, earthing fault, cable length, number of connected slaves with their addresses, etc. and which also lets make all these test at different communication speeds.

Is there any similar device for MODBUS?

Thanks !
Alex Guzman
ingenia S.A. de C.V.
El Salvador, Central America
There is software for testing a mobus plus
network. If that is what you are looking for. It's called modbus plus stat. You will need a MB+ compatible comm card. They make a pcmcia card.
Win-tech makes Modbus Master and Slave simulators that i have used sucessfully, but I don't know of anything as comprehensive as you are describing

Pierre Lefebvre

I've got something about that: "WinTECH Software" company offers a product called "ModScan". ("": )

"ModScan" is a Windows application which operates as a MODBUS master. It allows you to access and change data in a connected slave device using either the RTU or ASCII transmission mode. ModScan is only suited for quick and easy compliance testing of the MODBUS protocol.
A demo version is available.