Modbus not reading Dot in Communication Gateway.

Hi All,

We are using toolboxST, and Antisurge controller is connected through MODBUS TCP/IP in Gateway (2 numbers).
One of the gateway is not reading the dot values like temperature that is reading on CMG2B correct 24.58 C on the CMG2A is reading 2458 C without dot.

We have checked and compared the both CMG2A and CMG2B configuration, both are same.
Suggest how to resolve this issue?

Standard Modbus registers are 16-bit integers, which can only express whole numbers. It's very common for vendors to scale the value by 10 or 100 so that one or two decimal places can be included in the number. The 2458 value is likely the raw Modbus value. Somewhere, (perhaps in the gateway or in toolboxST) the value is being divided by 100 on the one that's working as expected.

Can you provide any additional information on the gateways? What is the vendor and model? What protocol(s) besides Modbus/TCP are the gateways converting between?
I apologize, but I'm confused about how your system is set up and the equipment involved.

It seems that Foxguard Solutions makes security platforms for control systems that simply monitor and secure the control network. I can't find any product on their website that would seem to be capable of directly reading Modbus registers from a device (i.e. is a Modbus/TCP client).

Therefore, I believe, as far as Modbus communication is concerned, ToolboxST is the Modbus/TCP client and the antisurge controller(s?) is the Modbus/TCP server. So all scaling would need to be done in ToolboxST (unless you have additional equipment you haven't mentioned where you're seeing these values, such as an HMI).

I think your issue is a configuration problem in ToolboxST. Please review your Modbus register definitions, specifically the Raw Min, Raw Max, Eng Min, and Eng Max settings. Refer to section 6.23.4 Data Scaling in the ToolboxST User Guide here: