Modbus Plus Card´s Driver to Linux


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Jorge Diaz

Dear Friends:

We are looking for a SCADA Software to use with Linux to develop some applications. And We are planning to use a Modbus Plus Network. So, also We need to get a driver to install a Modbus Plus Card to Linux.

Could somebody give me a hand with this point?

Thank you in advance.
MatPLC has a driver for Hilscher Modbus Plus cards. You could use MatPLC as a whole, or you could just grab the kernel driver from there and
access it from your own software.

Ask for Mario on the MatPLC mailing list - he did the programming for that module, so he'll know of any caveats.

Do you have any SCADA package in mind, or are you looking for that too? Right now MatPLC's SCADA functionality is rather limited... (primitive
screens, dumb logging to MySQL, python for scripting, that's about it).

Jiri Baum <[email protected]>
MAT LinuxPLC project --- --- Machine Automation Tools