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Bill Szuminski

Does anyone have any ideas on communicating from a Modicon Modbus Plus "master" to a A/B 160 Drive? I've been told Prosoft has a Scanport device but I'm not sure if the 160 has Scanport on-board.
The AB 160 has two communications options: 1) serial (232) and 2) DeviceNet. If you really have to use Modbus, then check out some of the other AB drives, but I don't think any of the small drives support it. Best bet is to try other drive manufacturers (e.g. Mitsubishi, etc.) or... you could hang a serial interface on the modbus and add the serial interface option to the 160...

The A-B Bulletin 160 drive is the only A-B drive offering without SCANport. Its only communications options are DeviceNet and Allen-Bradley DF1. Its little brother, the Bulletin 161, does only DeviceNet.

If you have a Modicon system that can only do Modbus Plus, you won't be able to use the 160 on a network, you'll have to use a discrete or analog

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William L. Mostia, Jr

You might look at SST Technologies X-Link network gateways at:

They have drivers for Modbus Plus, DF1, and DeviceNet.

There are other manufacturers that make similar boxes.

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