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Anybody knows if exist another alternative to communicate Modbus Plus to Ethernet apart from Modicon products Bridge 174CEV30020? This product is very very expensive. The PLCs are Modicon Compact line.
The latest MB+ Bridge from Schneider is 174CEV20040. This has more features, then its predecessor had.
The other option is, which also not cheap:
Buy the MB+ Driver Suite 5.0.2 software from Schneider (SW-MXDS-001) and Install it on a PC, where you have a MB+ PCI card (416NHM30030A) and a network card installed prior.

The PC will acts as a bridge.
There is no other cheap solution.
Good Luck.

Jim Rozewicz

I'm not sure, but you may want to look at Applicom International, owned by Woodhead. They make a Modbus Plus PCI based card, and several others, and maybe they have a bridge solution. We support most of their cards. Good luck.

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Scott Henson

Niobrara offers the MEB-RT for MB+ to Ethernet. It offers full data and PLC programming bridging between the two networks. (It is expensive, but MB+ is never cheap.)

Niobrara also offers an Ethernet module for the Compact PLC. It is much less expensive than the bridge but you need one per PLC, it must be mounted in the local processor rack, and the processor must be one of the newer 386 models.

Scott Henson
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