Modbus protocol ADD_MT_P at adress 550 using write.multiple.registers


I’m using the Modbus lib in Python which seems to work pretty ok.

But I have an issue with “write.multiple.registers” using method ADD_MT_P at adress 550

the class asks for argument (Regs_addr, regs_value)

Im trying to write ([0,1]) but the “1” value gives me 4096, so I assume it it’s a bit variable ie 16,32 bit.
However, I need the value to actually be “1”, because I want it to referto an absolute length in mm in a ball screw XY table and I can’t wrap my head around how this works, because it only accept integers, which seems reasonable if it’s a bit type.

there is an example code using ([0,0,15,4230]) which the author says works, but for me that does not make any sense.
FYI! I’m trying to write to a Motion table Inside a Kollmorgen motor control.

anyone have an example or understands what I’m missing here?