Modbus RFID readers


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I am looking for RFID mifare lite readers (for a hotel application) that can communicate via Modus (or SAIA S-bus).

We are using SAIA-PCD room controllers to control hotels rooms and would like to use simple affordable RFID readers rather than hotel locks.

Anyone that can point me in the right direction?


When you communicate with Saia PCD controller, the protocol doesn't necessarily have to be Modbus or S-bus.
If the RFID reader support RS485 on the physical layer.
Saia controllers are free programmable and are able to communicate in charmode (proprietary) on RS485.

Mikael Arhelger

We have a UHF reader that communicates in ASCII via RS485. I need to evaluate the tag and then send a command to a host (SAIA?) to actuate a relay on a barrier control board (dry contact). I want to avoid use of a PC to evaluate tag info. Can be done?
This can easily be done using Saia-PCDs character mode for a serial port. (Mode MC<n> , n = mode specifics). It would involve reading the RX buffer and parse for characters and strings specific to your device. This is best done using Instruction List (IL). There are some functions specifically for string operations recently added as 'call system functions, CSF'.

I will be looking into a RFID protocol case shortly, but expect this to be "a walk in the park"....