Modbus RTU Communication in a Danfoss Frequency Converter


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I am doing a project in which I will control a frequency converter Danfoss FC302 through a computer that has Labview using the Modbus RTU protocol.

The problem is that I need the registers of each parameter and their addresses to communicate with the drive.

If anyone has a list or an example of what I'm doing, I is helpful.
I hope your help.

Adrian Trotta.
[email protected]
To start the drive, you have to send the following string:

Send start-stop command and speed command to the drive:
02 0F 00 06 00 01 00 E6 82
Here's the command you have to send to the drive:
Start Motor at 60 Hz: 02 0F 00 06 00 01 00 E6 82
Modbus command line:
02 = drive address

0F = Write multiple register command
0060 = 6000 reversed.. you have to write 0006 to send the frequency command 6000 and 6000 means 60 Hz

0100= start command (the first 02 is the drive address), (0F = write multiple register), (00 60 = 60Hz, 6000 reversed you have to write 00 60 to write 6000 and it means 60 Hz) (register 0100 is the start command)

Replace 0100 by 0101 = stop command

Replace E6 82 by 27 42 = CRC 16 for the stop command (tail of the Modbus command)

E6B2 = CRC16 frame termination (this value is different for every command you send and receive; you have to be able to adjust the 4 last digit on variable. Here's an example. I write the command line for almost every operation (read and write to the drive).