Modbus RTU communication problem between S5 PLC and provox DCS


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We tried to maintain communication between Siemens S5 PLC and Emerson DCS (Provox) via ModBus RTU but there was no success.
The parameters were as follows:
- baudrate "19200"
- parity "Even"
- stop bit "1"
- number of data bits "8"

I know that if simatic S7 PLC were used instead of S5 there was not such a problem. Pls. advise is that actually possible to maintain such Modbus communication between S5 PLC and DCS or is there anybody who has done it?


Daniel Chartier

Hello m. Mohavedan;

For the s5-95U you could use a CP521 with special driver ( From Siemens' website: Special driver CP521 as MODBUS slave (6ES5 897-8QA01)) to communicate as a Modbus slave. I don't know if these modules and drivers are still available, you'd have to check with your Siemens rep. Also, this only applies to S5-95U; since you don't give details on your S5 platform, I cannot garanty that similar modules + drivers are available on other S5 platforms.

Hope this helps,
Daniel Chartier