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Bao Le

Dear All,

I want to communicate between PLC (Omron, Siemens, ...) and PCC2300 (Cummins)

Can you help me how to communicate ?

PLease help me

Thanks so much

Do you know the registry map for this device? If yes, you can use any modbus data logger software.


Eric Ratliff

If your PLC has a Modbus RTU master function, just use that. As Helen says, you do need to know the address map of the Cummins. You should also know baud rate, data bits, parity, and stop bits of the serial line. Presumably the serial line is RS485, but RS232 might also be used.

Patrick Lansdorf


As previously said if the PLC has a serial port, it can be used to read/write from/to the genset, using Modbus RTU protocol.

Normally, there is no serial port, default, on a Siemens PLC (300-400 series). Siemens has CP341/CP441, which is an option card that has a serial port that can do Modbus RTU.

Still, I would suggest a gateway since it is a less expensive solution.

I work for HMS and we have a wide rage of suitable gateways.

If you have any questions let me know.

Patrick Lansdorf
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Nilesh J Suryavanshi

You can Communicate using Modbus RTU or Modbus TCPIP/ or simple OPC server. Using OPC server you will able to communicate will all PLCs.

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Valerie Harding

In regards to your need to communication between PLCs (Omron, Siemens, ...) and PCC2300(Cummins)

Do you also want to be able to map memory locations into different devices? ( It sounds like to you want collect and manipulate data from a variety of applications and devices by communicating in the most easy, open and effective way, right?

Best of luck,
Val of REC

Wassim Daoud

I suggest just like the others said earlier, OPC seems to be a good choice here. You will need an OPC Server that will communicate between all PLCs (Omron, Siemens...). Here is a Universal OPC Server for all your PLCs and Modbus RTUs:

Hopefully this answers your question

Wassim Daoud
Global Solutions Architect