Modbus RTU Media converter module frm RS485 to Fiber optic


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Akber Hassan

We have network with Modbus RTU format. Network is fiber optic multimode cable. all modbus stations are having only RS485 interface. we need to connect on fiber optic lenth 3 KM we are looking to have media converter which has one RS485 port and two FO ST connector. One Fo port for IN and On for OUT. If any one know please let me know
OSD or Optical System Design have a wide range of OF modems/line drivers. Generally you can get the OSD136 optical fibre modem which has 2 ST connections, one for RX and the other for TX. However this particular modem only has a RS232 connection. B&B Electronics can supply a RS422,RS485/RS232 converter.

OSD also has a fibre modem with the same specs you require with a RS485 connection. The base price for a OSD136 modem is roughly $875 AUD

visit "": to get a better understanding of the devices available. Most run on networks up 4km.

You can also visit

"": and search under fibre optics.

In this site you will find fibre modems and fibre converters which basically answers you previous question. Devices have ST connectors and can transmit over RS232/RS422/RS485 serial.

Upto 2.5 miles distance.

Thomas Oesselke

Phoenix Contact offers industrial grade fiber optic converters from RS 485 2 wire bus systems like MODBUS RTU to fiber optics. Converters are available with 2 fiber optic gates for fiber optic line or star structures, as well as with one fiber optic gate for fiber optic point to point connections. Versions for glass fiber and for polymer-/ HCS-fiber are available. All modules offer fiber optic line monitoring, integrated transient protection and rail mountability.

For further details visit "": INTERFACE