Modbus RTU/serial slave on Windows PC

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Nils Anders Nilsson

Is there a nice way to hande the 3.5 characters pause between messages on a Windows PC? My problem is that I have a non-windows master, one Windows PC slave and some other non-windows slaves. When the non-windows units talk to each other they only have slightly more than 3.5 characters pause and this pause is not detected by the Windows PC.

One of the problems is that the RS-485 converter uses USB to connect to the PC and the turn around time on this seems to be about 10ms that is more than the 2ms that the pause is at 19.200 baud.

Does anyone know if there are any nice converters that handle the pause between messages and sends the message to the PC with some additonal protocol instead of the pause??

Or are there other solutions?

Thanks in advance!

Anders Nilsson
Innovation Team Sweden AB