Modbus RTU slave communication through Cimplicity


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I am trying to establish Modbus RTU slave communication through Cimplicity software installed for GE MArk VI gas turbine.

we have 3 turbines on site 2 are on same network and one on standalone network. previously i was able to communicate with the 2 turbines (on same network) using RTU slave method.

I have checked the IO_port.dat and cimmod.dat file and they both are showing that HMI is configured for modbus communication through com port 3 and 4. But when i try to read addresses through MOdscan software using Laptop i am unable to read any values.

I have done the same activity with the working (modbus communicating) HMI and i was successful in reading values through Modscan. the only change i could find between 2 HMIs is that in project properties in protocol tab, ModBuS RTU is checked for the HMI working and it is unchecked for HMI not working while Modbus rtu is checked in options for both HMIs. could this be the problem?