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Schaminee, Bart (IndSys, GEFanuc, Nether

Dear list,

Does anybody know a good interface-device between HART and Modbus RTU?

Thanks in advance,

Bart Schaminee
I used X-Link of SST to make interface betwenn Rosemount 3095MV mulivariable transmitter (HART) and Honeywell DCS (Modbus Serial Interface).

SST is a Canadian manufacturer for all kind of varieties of interface stuffs for heterogeneous, proprietery type protocols.

Please check their web site at
Bart, Arcom Controls makes HART to Modbus Products. Talk to Jon Tandy at 816-941-7025

The HART Communication Foundation supports industry world-wide in the application, training etc. on the HART Protocol. If you need additional assistance feel free to contact us.

Best regards,

Wally Pratt
Chief Engineer
HART Communication Foundation.
There is a new Hart module out for Modicon Quantum PLC's , This product is being launched next week at the ISA show. It was developed by a 3rd party company, you will be hearing more about
the module and the company in the next few weeks.

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