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Marcio Francisco Dill Junges

Hello everybody.

We have a new computer that only has PCI slots.
Unfortunately I could not find a SA85 adapter for PCI bus.
Can someone tell me if exist a commercial adapter to covert PCI bus to ISA bus ?
National and Intel has IC's but I did not find an adapter.

Marcio Junges
Hello Marcio,

Modicon has a PCI version of the SA-85 adapter out in Beta mode right now. I do not know when they are planning to release the PCI version for general consumption.

I suggest contacting your local Square D/Groupe Schneider/Modicon rep for more info.

If it makes you feel any better you aren't the only one beginning to encounter this problem. ;-)

Bradley G. Hite
Intertech Incorporated
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Hello, I work for a large automotive company and I am an extensive user of Modicon Equipment. I was speaking the other day with my Sales guy and he indicated that the about to release the PCI85 card that is the SA-85 PCI equivalanet. the strange part is that he indicated that IBM has first bids over them becasue the R&D work was pushed by IBM. IBM wanted them ASAP and forced Modicon to move faster. They will be receiving the first units off production.. Any more questions, drop me an email. Dave

Sanjay Patel

Hello Friends

Tell me your detail for your application. why u require pci card. if u would like to monitor data of modbus device through serial port. I have one software which you can use to monitor the data.

If this can help u contact me on <[email protected]>


Conrad Gauthier

Our company recently upgraded computers also and had to purchase PCI to PCMCIA adaptors then purchase an SA85 in PCMCIA. Since then Modicon has come out with a PCI version of the adaptor.

Good Luck
Conrad Gauthier
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