Modbus slave simulation software needed


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I need the name of a Modbus slave simulator software that I can buy, which can reply with a different user specificed value each time, on at least first 100 query (hopefully without needing the user to script or code).

I have evaluated over a dozen package, none can do this (e.g. mdbus32, modbusview, modbusslave, modsim32, modbusconstructor, simplymodbuslsave, modrsim, etc... so if you recommend something, make sure it can do this).

Specifically, the simulator should be able to return a unique user defined value on each read (which could in-theory happen at any random time to one or more registers) For example, HR40015: 1st read 20.1, 2nd read 21.1, 3rd read 20.1, 4th read 20.2, 5th read 20.2, 6th read 30.5, 7th read 35.5, 8th read 15.8, 9th read 15.8 And HR40025: 1st read 28.1, 2nd read 37.1, 3rd read 46.1, 4th read 20.2, 5th read 30.2, 6th read 40.5, 7th read 40.5, 8th read 35.8, 9th read 25.8, etc.

I am writing a special test for my master, so ideally, the slave simulator should be able to detect when register X has been read, then load the next new value for register X; So only after register Y has been read, should it then load the next new value for register Y.

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