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Gino Moscardelli

I'm running a Wonderware Intouch Ver 7.1 application and require the WW database to be available to a DCS system. Is anyone aware of any application that can link to the WW database and
make the PC a modbus slave device?

The DCS will act as the Modbus master polling the Intouch PC as a Modbus slave.

Standard Automation & Control LLC
has a product called: Modbus Slave (for InTouch) Part No. SA01-025 The Standard Automation & Control LLC Modbus Slave (for InTouch) utility is a Microsoft Windows based program that provides an interface between Wonderware's InTouch package
(version 3.2 or later) and a Modbus Host Computer (Modbus master). The Modbus Slave follows the Standard and Daniel's Modbus protocol formats. This program enables a PC running InTouch to emulate a Modbus device and allows a Modbus
master device to read and write values to/from the InTouch runtime database. Note: This product is not a DDE server

Here's the link to the Product Data Sheet:

This may work for you.

Bob Grinde
GS Systems