Modbus stop updating value from floboss S600


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here the system architecture
[IntouchWW-FSgateway-MatrikonOPCforModbus]----by Ethernet----Floboss S600 (flowComputer)

for specific duration the matrikon run perfectly, the values are updated but in random time the matrikon will stop update value from floboss S600. the floboss is still running and OK. the only problem is in matrikon. and if i try to open matrikon explorer, its not responding.

so far the solution i did is go to task manager and kill this process "OPCMODBUS.exe" and the opc clients run perfectly until the same problem come.


note: matrikon is licensed, is not trial version

Lynn August Linse

Is there a router/NAT firewall involved?

Sound more like an Ethernet 'retry' issue, which can happen if you have bad (old) Ethernet cables, or if you have a full/half-duplex mismatch due to bad auto-negotiations, or if an idle socket is dropped by NAT rules.

The NAT-rules likely drop any socket after 5 minutes ... I don't mean close, but just drop, which leads to many minutes to pointless 'retry'. I would assume the OPC and FloBoss talk more frequently than that, but it is a new issue many users have not learned to comprehend. You see such time-limits in cellelur and DSL links all the time.

The solution is to enable TCP keepalives at a 4 minute interval, which Windows (& Linux) both default to DISABLE. Plus if you enable, it is at a worthless 2 hour interval. Hopefully Matrikon at least enables TCP Keepalives.
If the OPC Server and Explorer client are on the same machine then its not a TCP/IP issue. Wassim is about to get very upset, but probably the problem can be summed up in one word ... Matrikon updates.

I assume you've already contacted them for support about this. It's very important that you always have the latest version and updates from Matrikon. Even if your version is licensed I've still seen licensing issues - usually occurring after you started with the free version before buying the license. Also, make sure you have the latest approved windows patches and updates for your system.

Have you checked the windows error logs? Do they show anything? There is quite a nice tool for checking your DCOM and firewall settings here ->

Wassim Daoud

I am very sorry to hear that you are having some difficulties with your OPC connection. Please feel free to contact me directly at: [email protected]

and I will follow up personally with your ticket and assist as needed.


P.S: Rob, I am very upset ... I kid of course.
*there in no router involved, just straight connection from floboss S600 to HMI server

*i already send ticket to matrikon support
here is the stamp

"Ticket #4164-8324691: Created (Modbus OPC Server stop update value from floboss S600)"