Modbus support for Powerlogic Circuit Monitor Series 2000


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Mehul Shah


We are trying to integrate various data from various types of meters into a common platform. The facility where we are working, has 3 to 4 different types of meters. One of them are PowerLogic Circuit Monitor Series 2000 meters. There are about 18 meters and they have meters have serial RS485 port.

There Currently, customer is using a software from Schneider/Powerlogic called System Manager Software (SMS) to fetch data from these meters.

The meters are connected in a Daisy Chain. This daisy chain terminates to Serial to Ethernet convertor EGX-400.

It is not clear what protocol the software uses to communicate with meters.

What we need to do is replace this existing software (SMS) with another software (which is a common platform to gather all meter data). However, we are not sure if these meters can talk Modbus. If the meter does support Modbus, it would be great to know their modbus register maps.

I went through their website - however, I am not able to conclusively say either ways (weather meter supports modbus or not)


Jerry Miille

I believe that the PowerLogic Circuit Monitor Series 2000 uses Square D Sy/Max protocol for communication.

We offer a product that can communicate with these meters and provide their data to any number of different networks including Modbus Serial, Modbus/TCP, Allen-Bradley Ethernet/IP, Allen-Bradley DF-1 and many other protocols as well. You can view our products here . Our contact numbers are on the web pages.

Please contact us directly if you have additional questions.

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Jerry Miille
Larry is right it does not speak conventional modbus, however if you get an EGX100 or higher version gateway from Schneideer it will translate it Powerlogic (Sy/Max) to Modbus TCP/IP.

Just installed an EGX100 in one of our plant and I can get all my data with no problems. If you got several 4-wire devices, you can configure each devises as JBus, Modbus or Powerlogic.

Hope this help!

I have a similar job to what you described above. How did you end up solving your problem and bringing back these Series 2000 Power Monitor serial devices back to SCADA over Ethernet?

Thanks in advance,

You said that you are using the EGX100 in your plant and are able to access all the information you need from this device. Are you accessing all this information via the web portal that comes on the EGX100 or have you tied the power monitor data into your SCADA application?

I am looking into using the Kepware serial driver for the series 2000 PowerLogic devices to pull into our Archestra SCADA system (VM). My goal is to install the Kepware serial driver on the Archestra VM and communicate with the Power Monitors through the EGX100.

Any information on your setup/architecture would be greatly appreciated.

We have similar application and if you write down your email i can send application architecture and comments.


Andreas Sauerwein

Hi Ercan ERDAS,

We try to Implement such a application, and Schneider is not able to give us useful information. What we want to do is:

In a plant they have several Schneider meters and 1 EGX400 Gateway. Now we try to fetch this data via MODBUS TCP to a PLC Controller and we need the correct protocol specification and the storage positions.

Best regards
Andreas Sauerwein