Modbus TCP and Citect SCADA 6.10


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I have nearly finished my degree and then i came across this little problem. It seems that i cannot find a driver for Modbus TCP in Citect SCADA 6.10 when i run the driver wizard.

I have to integrate metering system with Carlo Gavazzis VMUC-EM. I have done all my testings on the version 7.20 which has industry standard protocol, and it has modbus tcp in it. Now i'd like to take what learned in practice and use them in this project which has the version 6.10.

So does anybody know that is there a specific driver in it which is under different name or manufacturer? Can i download drivers somewhere or can i transfer driver files from my Citect 7.20?

If you can help me with this; i would be very happy because this affects on my graduation...

Thank you for your answers already!
>For download driver please check this link.

Thank you very much. I downloaded few versions of those driver packs before they moved their site. I found the same i driver protocols that i have used.

Now i have a new problem... It seem that i get #COM when i setup my communication as in my test project. I have also checked if ports were open by using telnet in cmd; it seemed that there was not the problem.

Citect Scada kernel gives me error

"Error: Channel offline, cannot talk
Generic 000021 Driver 00000020 (0x00000014)"

I googled the error code but all i got was this:

Could this mean that PC hardware is just old or something. Actually the server pc is XP and over 10 years old.

I managed to get a solution for this. It seemed that the TCPIP driver was out of date, so i updated it. Now it works like a magic.