Modbus TCP communication via RS232 to TCP converter


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Hi guys,

I migrated a WINCC V4.0 to WINCC V7.0. But the old WINCC version had a MODBUS SERIAL channel driver. But this communication channel driver is no longer available, and the old WINCC was communicating to a controller via Serial cable.

Well, Can i use a RS232 to TCP converter and use the MODBUS TCP/IP channel driver??

What are the parameters of the Modbus TCP channel driver configuration:
No. Of slave address?
They took out the Modbus RTU driver? Seriously? What the heck were they thinking??

Yes you can get a device that will master one or more Modbus RTU networks and present a Modbus/TCP server you can query. Look at Digi, Prosoft, and Moxa, among others. Some of them just translate each request and some of them will talk continuously to the serial slaves and aggregate the data so it looks like a single TCP server.
There are options for you.

The company ICP-DAS USA specializes in protocol converters and data acquisition. They have a module that acts as a gateway between an Ethernet/ IP Network Server(Modbus TCP) and Modbus RTU devices (slaves). Here is a link:

This gateway is small and easy to set up.

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Hey Bassambassam,

The better solution is to use a Gateway which will convert from Modbus RTU to Modbus TCP. In this way, your PLC/PC can connect with the Gateway as a Modbus TCP Master and convert which will in turn poll the Modbus RTU SLave devices. If you only have one RS-485 bus with all of your slave devices connected, you would want to use TGW-715.