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I am a student. In my university I should do a project with use my web site (with I'm creating), PLC S7-1200, can use TIA portal V13 and must use Modbus TCP communication. I should create communication between this web site and PLC S7-1200. I can not create this communication. Is this possible? Thank's for your reply :)
Start a separate daemon that does modbus communication
on the same computer as the webserver,

For example in you have such daemons for fieldbus protocols like modbus. Such a daemon polls the fieldbus and stores the result in shared memory (a database system would also be possible but will be much slower). The output is accepted on a mailbox.

In case of a Web Application you might now use a CGI script for communication with that daemon.
In case of a database system which stores the process values you could use a database binding in PHP from your webpage for example.