Modbus TCP/IP communication Modicon M340 to GE PAC RX3i


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We need to setup Modbus TCP/IP communication between "BMX NOE 0110" (Modicon M340 module) and "IC695ETM001" (GE PAC RX3i module).
Manuals say both are supporting conformance class 0 FC 3 and 16 (multiple register read/write), but I want to see if anybody has done that before (make sure there is no grief)?

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Benoit Galarneau

We are exchanging successfully between an Rx3I and a Quantum CPU. First be sure to activate Modbus Mapping on the Rx3I CPU (CPU Config/ Settings Tab/ Modbus Address Space Mapping Type: Standard Modbus Addressing). Your Rx3I is now a MBTCP slave (see "Modbus TCP Adress Map" tab in the CPU Config). If possible, use M340 as the MBTCP master and the IOScanner function, or Read / Write blocks in Unity sections. It is way easier then using CommReq on the GE side.