Modbus TCP/IP Communication Over Fibre Optic System

Hi Folks,

Hoping someone can help with some advice on transmitting data over Modbus TCP/IP via Ethernet converted to FO then back to Ethernet at client end.

We will be using software on our laptop that is capable of transmitting over Modbus TCP/IP. I need to get that data to a client via a third party integrated FO network.

What questions/information do I need to put to the client and 3rd party to ensure that we can communicate in this manner?

As you can already tell this is far from my area of expertise so any layman advice greatly appreciated...

Questions you need answers to:
What size fiber?
Multi-mode or single-mode?
What Ethernet speed? (100Mbs, 1Gbps, etc.)
Preferred connector type?

Answer those, and you get an Ethernet to fiber converter from any one of a dozen or more companies. Red Lion, Moxa, Hirschmann, Antaira, Automation Direct, CTRLink, Phoenix Contact, Weidmuller, etc. etc. etc.