Modbus TCP/IP simulator


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Fernando Arroyo


I am new in Modbus and in this forum so sorry if I am posting this in the wrong place.

I would like to create an scenario (first simulate and then with real PLCs) with several masters connected to a several slaves where I am able to test the communication each other with Modbus TCP. It should be necessary work with redundant networks where every device should have 2 ethernet ports (with differents IP's) in order to get availability.

I have seen a lot of programs on internet but I don't know if there is a useful tool with client and server functions to test communication, with ability of communicating with multiple master and slaves and work with redundant networks (I don't know if this is possible). I don't mind if the program is not freeware.

Do you suggest anything?

If you don't know any with the ability of work with redundant networks, could you recommend me the best simulator in your opinion? I have tried SimplyModbus and Modbus Poll from so far. By now, I prefer the last one.