Modbus tcp slave development (was Getting Involved)


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Philip Costigan

Hi all I have made a feeble attempt at launching the Modbus/TCP slave project. I have decided that it should be developped as a seperate module from the Modbus/TCP master. Later if it all looks possible we may decide to merge the two modules into one but I believe that keeping it seperate allows it to be more manageable. If Phillip Mastroianni wants to get involved could someone organise a cvs login for him. Regards Philip Costigan > On Tue, 27 Mar 2001, Phillip Mastroianni wrote: > > > > I am new to the open source group. I have worked as a Control Systems Engineer, > > but I have moved into the software development industry. I want to participate > > in the LinuxPLC group, if there is anything that I can help someone with, > > please let me know. I would like to specialize in the comunications sector, > > so anything with TCP/IP would be great. > > Phillip, > > I have developed the Modbus/TCP code for LPLC. It is only designed to be a > Modbus/TCP Master and so LPLC can only drive remote I/O etc. I am trying to find > time to make a slave Modbus/TCP module for LPLC but am finding it difficult to > at the moment due to work commitments. > > If you would like to have a go at creating a Modbus/TCP slave module for LPLC. > It would be worth while. If you need some guidence etc just ask and or check > the existing code. > > Let the guys on the list know what you intend to do and they'll organise the > CVS login acount for you etc. > > -- > > Regards > > Philip Costigan _______________________________________________ LinuxPLC mailing list [email protected]

Phillip Mastroianni

Hello, I most definetly would like to get involved. I havn't had the time to explore the CVS repository as I have been getting familiar with linux (I am green to Linux). But yes, what ever I can do to help. Now that I am somewhat familiar with linux, I want to get familiar witht the linuxPLC project, are there design documents, etc that I can read. I intend to retrieve the files and attempt to compile them this weekend. Note : I have RedHat 7, are there any issues with this version and the project? _______________________________________________ LinuxPLC mailing list [email protected]