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Curt Wuollet

Hi all

I got the Opto22 Ethernet I/O running late today. After consulting their customer service line, I was told the the only way to assign an IP address
to the thing was to use their own bootp server that runs only on windoze. I didn't have a sniffer to tell just what the difference is so the only way to make progress was to bite the bullet and find a win98 cd. After a half a day finding one (I don't do windows) and the other half trying to get the damn networking running with the help of the best expertise available, we only suceeded in increasing the frequency of the crashes. Finally we put out the call for anyone who had a notebook with w98 on it. We located the one w98 machine in the company, (they don't do windows) and got the IP address set. I sent a request to Opto22 to, at least, help me modify a Linux bootpd, and played with it a little. It was getting late, but, the thing is pretty cool. It talks IEEE1394 over Ethernet and Modbus/TCP and has a built in webserver for configuration and fun. Now that it's working I pitched the w98 cd and reloaded RHLinux 6.1 on the box. The recalcitrant NIC works fine.??! I didn't dare leave it up on the outside of the firewall so It'll be Monday before I get to try it out with the Linux examples Opto provides. (It belongs to my day job) I'm still working on the memory interface, maybe this weekend, I'll get some more time.


Curt Wuollet
Wide Open Technologies

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