Modbus TCP - Ventillation system to Loxone home


I would like to integrate my ventillation system to Loxone home system.
I need to figure out if my ventillation system can communicate with Modbus TCP or not (i have no Modbus RTU modul for my loxone, but with Modbus TCP i can solve my problem

The documentation start with this few line, but i'm not sure if this mean BMS can communicate with Modbus RTU and TCP also?

May i ask to write a simple command for me, which command is power off the ventillation system? With this i can simply test and start a long long walk to learn the modbus tcp...

I attached the first two side of the BMS documentation.
I connect to the BMS with MBTCP ver. 1.1.4 app.

I cant figure out how to create the command to test.