Modbus TCP vs Profibus


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I'm quite new to industrial protocols, can anyone help me by simply comparing speed and data volume of Modbus TCP and Profibus, to conclude which protocol is fastest, reliable, efficient and robust?

I'm considering a connection between a fast PLC and a Server with SCADA.

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Hello Carlos,
I would class Profibus DP as a fieldbus, like DEvicenet, or CanOpen. In my experience you would have a Master PLC connected to several slaves. I/O blocks, etc. Profibs max speed is 12M. But that is for a short cable run, less than 100M. When you have cabling around

Modbus TCP/IP is a higher level coms. A true network. Server / Client. Speeds are commonly 10Mb and 100Mb. You would use TCP/IP Modbus for a HMI, remote I/O or talking between PLCs.