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A few years back, I had a nice little "freeware" program to test Modbus from a PC. We have a whole bunch of Modbus applications coming up on multiple PLC platforms (AB, ProSoft, Siemens, etc.) that I'd love to have a little tester I could verify communications.

We usually provide the PLC and then need to connect to someone else's SCADA Modbus network.

Any ideas, I'd appreciate it.
Check out for Modbus RTU, ASCII, TCP, and Plus master and slave products including ActiveX Controls, .NET component, and OPC Servers.

Ready to run example applications allow you to easily exercise a broad range of Modbus functions.

Free, fully functioning 30 day trial versions are available for download.
You can Use Modbus Tester, its a free software its trial version is easily available u can verify your communiaction
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