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Eng. Juan Gomez

I need to connect a net of devices that are communicating in ModBus to another net that uses as protocol DeviceNet.

if somebody knows some device that can convert from ModBus to Devinet please sends me the internet address (web page link) or the name of the device or company name that possibly has this product.

Thanking their help sincerely
Eng. Juan Gómez
Tellima do such a converter - DIN rail mountable and not too expensive.

Tim Linnell(Eurotherm)
DIP Inc, a subsidary of MKS Instruments, make a good DeviceNet to Modbus converter called the CDN-067-3.
While you won't find a product that makes the two dissimilar protocols transparent, this one acts as a DeviceNet slave device (mastered by a PLC
scanner or PC-based controller) and as a Modbus master to a one or more Modbus slaves.

I have not used this particular model but have deployed dozens of their generic ASCII model, the CDN-066, with good success.

Good luck,

Ken Roach
A-B Seattle

Linnell, Tim

It is indeed the URL you quoted - the Device concerned is the "Field Marshall" - it comes in several forms including an OEM module and a DIN rail mountable unit. Chris Cordingley at Tellima is the best technical contact.

I have no connection with Tellima incidentally - I had a look at the Field Marshall some time ago when evaluating options for putting DeviceNet in our own gear (we eventually designed a native interface for cost and functionality reasons). My personal view was that it's an effective solution
at the Device level, and Tellima do other fieldbuses in a similar format so it's attractive as an OEM product.

Tim Linnell (Eurotherm Controls)