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I am trying to write a simple program to learn modbus and c#

i am looking to write a program in c# and send an int value over MODBUS and loop back on to a modbus test program

I have done a little programming in c# an I am looking to expand this knowledge.

Right now I have bought the MODBUS toolkit from

I opened the and read the pdf in the folder sample sorce code/ Sample Server C/C++ Source Code Win32/read me .pdf

it states "The Sample Modbus Server provided here is a Win32 application (ModbusServer.exe) that is written in "C" using Microsoft Visual C++ 6.0 Standard Edition. The code can be viewed and compiled within Visual C++ by opening the file "Modbus Server.dsw.""

So from here I try to view it in microsoft visual studio 2013. I go to file,open,projects and solutions,d drive,visual c++,"Modbus Server.dsw." like it said but when I click this it comes up "do you want to restart this application with elevated permissions?"

under that is says "The solution project you want to open is located in a directory that this application does not have permission to work in. if you grant permission by Using the user account control feature of your operating system, the application my be able to complete the requested task."

it then ask if i want to restart this application under different credentials or ignore and continue running this app under current user rights

i have chosen to restart and I have chosen to ignore both give me errors

please can some one give me some help
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