Modbus Wiring Topography


Looking for a bit of advice on Modbus wiring. i have 15 devices spread out over a large area all coming back to 1 Modbus tcp gateway. I'm concerned about Modbus reflections or any other issues i may face.

i know in an ideal world the sensors should be daisy chained together with a termination resistor


Would it work if the sensors all had there own cable and came back to a central junction box, i.e. a star network? from the research I've done I've found a mixed answer on this topic.

I have tried it in the workshop and it seems to be working, i setup 15 sensors each with 100meters of 2x2x0.75 all back to a star point, and so far things are ok. but will i encounter problems over time and is there any software i can use to test the quality of the connection??
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