Modbus with a AB Micrologix1500


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Ricardo Pabon

I want to connect an AB micrologix 1500 using modbus protocol to a PC with F.Link 6.6. The PC is the master. I tried across the serial rs232 port but i couldn´t have a communication.

I need some tips about how to use modbus with a AB micrologix1500.

Eduardo Manuel C. Cipriano


I have been with AB for 4 years as a Sr. Automation Engr. for Tech Support and now im working here in Yokogawa

I do beleive that you should check 1st whether your Micrologix 1500 has the capability to communicate thru Modbus but fom my experience they are not capable because the RS 232 is for DH485 protocol use and not for modbus you could inquire at prosoft technology that offers Modbus connections for AB PLC Controllers.............

anyway if you have additonal questions you can email me at:

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Eduardo Manuel C. Cipriano
Sr. Systems Engr.
Yokogawa Phils. Inc.