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I'm having a problem between the comunication of MAGELIS XBT4230 and SHARK 100(electricity meter), because I can't read the modbus registers in SHARK 100. Some of these register are in 32-bit IEEE floating point number spanning 2 registers of 16 bits. When I'm programming the vars in Vijeo Designer 5.0, I use the UINT 32 bits format. For example, 1000 and 1001 modbus addres of the SHARK 100 represent the Volts A-N (volts), and I chose the UINT32 format and I read the 1001 register (it allow to read the 32-bit IEEE floating point register). Then, in the front panel of the HMI I show the var in INT format with 8 numbers and 2 decimals but it couldn't show me the real value.I tried to read this value using binary format and I could done it, but I had to convert manually (using a calculator )from 32-bit IEEE floating point format to decimal format.I want to know how I can read 32-bit IEEE floating point format in VIJEO DESIGNER. The comunication between MAGELIS and SHARK work well because I can read the real values in others format (i.e. UINT16).

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There is an option for each device communications driver to change the double word order. If the FP values look "weird", change the option. Also, watch for devices that start addressing at 1 vs those that start at 0. You could be offset by one address reference.

Since there is no "standard" for the format of floating point numbers (search big endian and little endian) then an assumption cannot be made.

And, speaking of standards... I would sure love to see a date standard. What is 3/6/9? March 6? June 3? 2003? 2009?

Daniel Barrera

> And, speaking of standards... I would sure love to see a date standard. What is 3/6/9? March 6? June 3? 2003? 2009? <

It depends of the country I guess. For example for me it means June 3, 2009. But in my English class it means March 6, 2009. I don't know why you ask about it?

Well, I thought that this problem of the modbus in format of floating point was well know because I found some educational institution worldwide that talk about this problem and solve it. but I can't contact to them until now. If someone know about this problem (especially in Vijeo Designer), any suggestions are most welcome.

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Patrick Lansdorf

Hi guys,

If you cannot find a solution, I can recommend using a gateway. HMS has one that may solve your problem, it acts as Modbus slave on one side and Modbus master on the other. The Modbus master can be configured to read any type of register (32Bit, 64 Bit..) and the data will be placed in 16 bit registers on the slave side of the gateway.
For more information about the gateway, go to: Communicator

or send me an email:
support [at]

//Patrick L