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I am looking for ModbusTCP Master simulation software, it would be a bonus if can act as a slave and do Serial too.

I tried SimplyModbus and it simply wouldn't run on my 2008 server.

I don't mind paying for the software, but I don't want to spend a lot of energy trying out a bunch of packages if the user community can tell me which ones are good.

DAQ Factory from is a full-featured control and HMI package with a free, time-limited full-function demo. Obviously, as that kind of package, the software has to be able to master serial and ethernet Modbus (and has slave functionality too). and while the full functionality portion of the demo is time limited, they did a sample Modbus master app that will work indefinitely, even after the demo expires. I don't think the slave function is part of the non-expiring portion, but I believe both serial and ethernet masters are.
I have used ModScan32 which seems to work well.

The standalone version allows connection using both serial and TCP connections. It also provides a limited trending facility where it can copy data to a .csv or .txt file.

They also provide source code in visual basic if that is what you require.

Neither is free, however you can get a demo of the standalone version so you can evaluate for yourself.
I found a simple and freeware Modbus TCP/RTU software tool (AVReporter Energy Management Software Modbus Device Tester), above link:



- Supports the most common Modbus TCP/IP and RTU register types (for example unsigned integer 16 or 32 bit, Float32, BCD, Digital bits,etc.)
- Log the real-time measurement data into CSV file
- Mask registers for reading
- Write registers
- Read and log multiple registers