Model-free Controller Simulation


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Hi everyone,

I am designing model-free controllers and I would like to simulate its performances.

I have already tried it with some systems that I found in some published paper and control systems books, like dc motor, wind turbines system, Autonomous underwater vehicle, liquid level system, temperature control system, heat exchanger systems, etc. The results obtained were already good compare to the controllers used in these papers and books.

The matter is that I do not know if the specifications or the performances showed in these papers/books (obtained with PID, FLC, LQT, SMC etc.) are suitable for industrial applications.

Therefore, I want to test the model-free controllers against real challenging systems. Firstly I am planning to test it for SISO system, using the transfer function of the plant.

I need transfer function of real industrial (or any others) systems as well as the desired objectives (if possible the performances obtained with some others controllers for the systems, settling time, rising, time, overshoot, error etc).

I want to simulate the performances of this model-free controller and see if it can reach defined real specifications.

Thank you in advance