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Mols, Jo [JanBe]

Hi list,

Is it possible to access/connect to a Siemens S5/S7 PLC by using 2 modems (1 PCMCIA in my laptop on my desk and the other in the field) with the use of standards modems ?

PC ---> modem -------> ... tele phoneline ... -------> modem ---> converter ---> PLC

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Daniel Chartier

Hello JomO;
For S7 modem communication, Siemens offers a special canverter + software called TELESERVICE. It is expensive but works reliably. For S5, it
depends on the protocol used by the PLC or CP card : AS511 on the programming port needs no converter, but links are unreliable; better on a
CP525, for example.
Hope this helps,
Daniel Chartier

Hakan Ozevin

There are two cases:
1. You may want to program the PLC via modem
2. You may want to exchange data via modem.

For case (1)
a) For S5, I advice using Teleservice devices offered by Siemens or some German companies
b) For S7-200, this can be done easily with Step7 Micro/Win
c) For S7-300/400, I do not know a solution

For case (2) and for S5/S7
a) you can use CP's (CP521,CP524/525)
b) You can use SINAUT hardware from Siemens
c) For S7-200 only, you can use EM241.

Gabriele Corrieri

Hakan Ozevin wrote,

c) For S7-300/400, I do not know a solution <

The solution is buy a Siemens (or compatible) TS Adapter to connect between modem and plc, and buying a TeleService software for parametrize TS Adapter and manage the communication.

Best regards

Gabriele Corrieri
Does anybody know if there is a way of doing this so that you can access a Profibus network as opposed to an MPI?
I have one S7-315 and four 810d controllers networked via Profibus and I want to remotely access them all using one telephone line. Any ideas?