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jun laroco

I need some information on an old Modicon 584 PLC that was installed in 1980's. The logic is available in p-190 cassette. However, i want to make that i have the latest application program before proceeding to do the actual modification.

What programming software did this PLC use? I want to do the modification offline.

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I am not familiar with the P190 cassettes for storing PLC programs, although I have heard of them. We use ProWorx software from Modicon for programming 584's. You should be able to connect to the controller over the serial port and read back the entire program ladder logic and configuration.

However, you will not be able to retrieve any documentation such as symbols or descriptors from the controller. Check with Modicon tech support (, follow the links) to find out if they can be recovered from the cassette and imported into ProWorx.

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You can receive the latest P190 tapes from Schneider Automation at 1-800-468-5342. I am not sure what they will charge for the upgrade, but they will be able to tell you what changes have occured since your version.

Rich Baker
Schneider Automation

Bill Szuminski

You can purchase ProWORX NXT from SqD and it will read from and write to the 584. This software has on-line/off-line as well as on-line only.

R A Peterson

It used a huge programming terminal called a P190. You can also program it with various third party packages and Modsoft. BUT, if the program is on a cassette tape, its probably been done with the P190.

Best bet is to get one of the programming packages, upload the program from the existing PLC and go from there.
If the logic is on a P190 tape then it was programmed with a P190.

If you have the tape do you have the P190. There should be a number of other tapes with it; at the very least there should be a tape loader tape. Loading this into the P190 would enable you to download or upload the program.

A configurator tape, would contain a program to turn the P190 into a terminal to configure the PLC. Another tape would be required to turn the
P190 into a programmer.

For a PC based package, Greysoft used to do the one supplied by Modicon. Taylor did one as well.
You may be able to use Modsoft, I'm not sure. The 584 instruction set is a subset of the 984.

Rob Entzinger


You can use Proworx - windows base, or Modsoft - dos base.

But I would advise upgrading to a Quantum, I don't think you can get spares for the 584. Software is 99.99% compatible. That is logon to the 584 with Proworx, transfer code into PC, change configuration to quantum and download to the quantum device. The 0.01% would be any specific loadables used.

Rob E.
I "grew up" using the very system you have described. No descriptors are stored on the cassette (datasette), in the PLC, or anywhere else, except maybe on an old printout (hardcopy) of the program! Welcome to the past! The P190 programming terminal has no provision for entering descriptors! The best way to get the ladder logic out is truly Proworx or Concept (steer well clear of Modsoft). GOOD LUCK!