Modicon 984 Communication issues


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I am using a Modicon Gould 984 PLC. The PLC will not communicate and I have replaced the CPU one time in the past. I received a rebuilt CPU, plugged it in and when I went to connect, it said PLC in dim awareness mode. It gave me the option to cancel, 584 or other. I tried other and it gave me a communications timeout error. When I try to connect again it just gives me a communications timeout. I received a second CPU and it gives me the same results. Any suggestions???
Dim Awareness means no program has been installed. You must configure and download a basic program before anything else.

Like an empty hard drive without any programs on it.

curt wuollet

And I have to admit it gave me an irrepressible chuckle. It's like the old adventure games, "It is dark and the bed seems to be moving"> .