Modicon 984 Series Hardware

Is there an Ethernet module that will operate with the 984-785E processor? (Like an NOE card for the Quantum series)If so, how is the IP
address handled when two of them are used - one for a primary processor and one for a secondary (hot standby) processor?
The answer to your question in short is no. You may wish to consider using a MB+ to ethernet bridge, in this way the mb+ addresses will
swap on a failover, and an ethernet address will always be routed to the primary or secondary processor as set up in the bridge routing map.
The other alternative is to upgrade to Quantum Primary and Standby processor racks while still using your existing 800 series I/O. Hope
this helps.

Humberto Nunes

I did not find any Ethernet Modules for the older Modicon PLC's. However Modicon does have a Modbus to Ethernet Bridge. The part number is
174CEV30010, and you can find information on it at or

Best Regards,

Humberto Nunes

Robert Willis

Currently there ate no rack mounted Ethernet models for the 984-785E controlllers. Schneider Electric manufactures a Modbus Ethernet to
Modbus Plus Bridge, In this configuration the IP address of the primary controller would be"

A.B.C.D Index 1 (Corresponding to Modbus Plus Address 1)

The standby controller would be

A.B.C.D Index 1+32 (Corresponding to Modbus Plus Address 33)

A.B.C.D == IP Address assigned to the Bridge

The "Index" number can be configured to your particular application as required. The Modbus Plus address swapping is handled by the 984-785E

The part number for the bridge is 174CEV20030

Robert Willis
Square D Company
Houston, Texas

Rafael N. Jacomino

Consider all these options for your solution but take special notice of the Quantum option. This PLC represents one of the few (perhaps the only one) that can do 'true' bump-less TCP/IP connectivity in a high performance "hot-stand-by" application. Combine that with 800 series I/O capability , and COMPLETE 984 Ladder Logic compatability (just download from 984E, change the PLC, update the Traffic Cop, upload into Quantum, & presto [10 minutes max]!) you have a low-cost, quick, & versatile upgrade path. I have done this, I can tell you that I upgraded a Hot-stand-by 984-695e PLC with 2000 I/O over
a week-end! Good Luck.