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Dan Chaffin

I work in a large plant that utilizes mostly A-B slc's and plc-5. While going through some old equipment I found a modicon compact 984 with a bunch of i\o modules. I have been trying to get a configuration running that uses several DAP217 discrete true low dc output modules. The config recognizes these but when I try to start the plc I get a stop code 4000 hex. The config is correct as far as I can tell but no go. If I cheat I can get a run light by configuring the the 217's as 216's but then have no function at the output. Any help is appreciated.

Dan Chaffin

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Ronald C. Good, Jr.

Hi Dan,

I am going off of memory, so I could be wrong, but when I worked with those non-traditional (in the USA) cards (i.e. sinking output vs. sourcing), I had to obtain a software "loadable" from Modicon. The software loadable came on
a 3-1/2" floppy and was free of charge. They even over-nighted it at their cost. This assumes you are using Modsoft or Modsoft Lite. Once I loaded the "loadable", everything worked just fine. I am not sure why they do not package the loadables with there software, it sure does cause a hassle when you least need it. Hope this helps.

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