Modicon Compact PLC - Hot Swap??


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Wattana J.

Though I have never found any specific information about the 'hot swap' feature in Modicon Compact PLC. I used to test it with switching DI or DO card while the input power of CPU is still applied. I only disconnected the terminal of I/O card. With the simple test. No problem found. I did not see any wrong operation
of DI or DO cards after replace them back into the rack.

Now I want to apply this feature to the upcoming RTU project. I need more information. Is there anyone who has tried the same test and/or have any
details about what could be wrong if we do a 'hot swap' on Compact's I/O module. Or if anyone found the documents/manuals about this.
Please suggest me.

Thank you
I Hot swap the I/O modules all the time, with no adverse effects. I have never Hot Swapped the CPU on a compact, but I have, aginst Modicons recomendations hot swapped the rack mount 984's with no problems. As far as im aware Modicons
stance on hot swapping is the modules are ok to do but only the Quantum cpu is OK to swap. I think that for the most part all the CPU's will suffer no adverse effects, but if by chance they do fail during a hot swap, you're on your own, as
far as warranty and product support goes.